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Bangkok - They are not afraid of their own shadow - Elter photo

Come to a ping-pong show!” a short Thai gentleman shouted with a wink. If we’d been in China I might have imagined this was really about a game of table tennis. Instead, I pictured a gaggle of boyishly feminine Thai chicks and some slavering German beer-drinkers, and decided to decline this tempting offer. “This is my sweetheart”, I saw, pointing to my partner behind me.
“No problem! Come back when you’re finished with her!”


“Bangkok – for us, at least – was neither our first nor our greatest love. All the same, the charms of this city, which it bashfully concealed from us for a time, were gradually revealed, and it started to grow on us. The countless monasteries, the street vendors sitting on the sidewalks and the people offering lunches out of the back of small cars mingle with the emerging markers of globalization: McDonalds, Starbucks, KFC, Mango and H&M shops amid a mass of glass skyscrapers and malls.

The whole city has a very eclectic atmosphere. Well-dressed young women in business suits, heading home after a long day in the office, jump onto the rear seat of a moped taxi – sidesaddle of course, as befits a lady – and they roar off into the traffic without helmets. Smart-suited gentlemen, iPhone 5s in hand, stand in the shade of their sixty-story office building to buy lunch from the old ladies selling smoked sticky meatballs, octopus, soup and Pad Thai."


“Bangkok is a very diverse city. In addition to the many local markets and street food options, you can also find luxury shopping and fine dining, so anyone can find something here that they’d enjoy, and you certainly won’t get bored – this city never sleeps, and offers a lot of opportunities. Personally, I liked the temples the most – they are wonderfully crafted. It is worth visiting the Royal Palace, and taking a cruise on the canals, while the night markets offer great entertainment and shopping opportunities. The famous tourist street, Khao San Road, didn’t do much for us. The pushy vendors, touts, deafening music, and crowds did not win us over. It is also worth avoiding the taxi drivers and rickshaw pullers who hail you on the street. The Grab application provides a more reliable and predictable transport alternative. The rooftop bars are also worth visiting.” (2022)




Bangkok - traffic

Bangkok - overpass

Bangkok - Grabtaxi



Bangkok - squid - v.j. photo

Bangkok - soup - v.j. photo

Bangkok - street eatery

Bangkok - street food - s.l. photo

Bangkok - street food - s.l. photo



Bangkok - The brand new Jodd market opened in December 2021 (Rama 9 area) - Andreas K photo

Bangkok - nightmarket - s.l. photo


Bangkok by night - v.j. photo

Destination in brief

Bangkok is the capital citiy of Thailand. Bangkok's official local name is Krung Thep, which means the City of the Angel.

Population (in 2020): 10.5 million

Average net monthly salary (in 2020): 740 USD - (Thailand's average: 620 USD)

The two most famous roads are Silom Road and Sukhumvit Road. The super-modern high-speed railway, Skytrain, is running above them.


Another Bangkok (the world of the shanty towns)
These areas are generally inhabited by people who work in the construction industry and their families. Trucks converted into buses bring people to their workplaces as a team. The marketplace is always at the heart of these settlements, and is where public life takes place. You can buy cooked food, raw ingredients, meat, vegetables, plastic, wood, textiles, metal utensil and chemicals. You can play billiards, eat a sit-down meal, buy shoes, tools, accessories, clothes… And all inside a gigantic tent. Just like a mall, but not so fancy. Then again, neither are the prices – a meal of crab meat for 100 baht is a great deal, since in other markets I couldn’t get a similar amount for less than 180, and even that wouldn’t be called expensive.
People are friendly – they smile, invite you to play a game of billiards, and taste everything on offer. Given the circumstances, everything is surprisingly clean. And all this is just one stop from downtown Bangkok.”

Bangkok - pool play - s.l. photo



Bangkok - soup - v.j. photo

Bangkok - pork knuckle - s.l. photo

Bangkok - Meat tower - Andreas K. photo


Grand Palace

Bangkok - The Grand Palace - Thai tourists - Krista photo

Poor neighborhoods of Bangkok

Bangkok - poor - s.l. photo

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