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Sintra - w.h. photo

Sintra is worth seeing once. But only once. Because the crowds are so huge that in the summer there isn’t even room for everyone in the town center, there is no room for each other, while the walking tour takes you to a point where you just can’t move forward, so the only way to admire the sight is to crane your neck… but even here there’s plenty to keep you occupied.” (2018)



"Getting off the train, we immediately found ourselves in the middle of tour guides and tourist information, and we were willing to take up a very good little offer. Our plan had been to take a bus up to the rainbow-colored Palácio de Pena on the hilltop, but we stumbled upon a much better itinerary. We rented a cute little two-seat electric vehicle for 80 EUR. The service is perfect: we got a map with numbered stops, a description of each attraction, and you can see the route on your phone. Wi-Fi and a phone charger were also included in the package, so there was no fear of poor internet interrupting the trip, or the phone running low. We traveled from one stop to the next on small mountain roads. With so many sights, we couldn’t stop everywhere, but we fitted in a lot more stops than we had planned to on the bus tour.” (2019)

Sintra - tourist tram -

Sintra - you can rent such electric, two-person buggy from Sight Sintra - k.p photo

Sintra - tuk tuk - k.p. photo



Sintra - train station - azulejo - j.k. photo


Destination in brief

Population (in 2020): 26,200



Portugal - Sintra - Palácio Nacional da Pena - b.t. photo

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