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“After a while I realized that the Azoreans actually hate the sea. Even on those stretches of coastline with the most panoramic ocean views, they build their houses facing inland. I suppose they see so much of it that it bores them – which is logical, if you think about it. If you were out all day in a fishing boat, you wouldn’t be too interested in looking at the sea while you were at home, either. (phica, 2020)


 “The locals live a more puritanical lifestyle than we do, and consume far less in all respects, but they certainly seem satisfied and, I dare say, even happy. There is a very narrow range of products available in supermarkets, mostly limited to non-perishables, but it’s enough. There’s also a truck like an ice-cream van, but it sells onions, potatoes, and other such things you can’t find in the shops. Most people live in cute little houses, 50m2 or less, with a little shrine either in the hallway or in a separate room. Perhaps because of this strong religiosity, crime rates on the island are low – I found them more religious than the Italians, and sometimes the atmosphere felt almost Mexican, though without the cocaine barons.
You can pay by card in many places, but even if you can’t, every village has an ATM. Viewpoints and other places where you can stop the car are generally equipped with barbecue facilities(!!) if anyone has rented a car and feels like an impromptu cookout.” (2019)


The Azores are a haven of tranquility: a perfect getaway for anyone looking to escape the noise and bustle of the city for a while – and for those willing to face nature in all its majestic power. There are no big cities, no advertising lights, and you won’t find yourself in traffic jams for hours. Here, life is measured by a different set of criteria. People are friendly, hospitable and religious. They live and let live, in this sanatorium of nature.” (aji, 2018)




Azores - Sao Miguel - Ponta da Ferraria - natural hot springs right at the seaside - accesible only arond low tide - Kathy photo


Azores - g.l. photo

Destination in brief

Azores archipelago is an autonomous region of Portugal, and consists of nine islands.

: 2 346 km²  (906 mi²)

Population (in 2020): 247,000

Capital city: Ponte Delgado

Average net monthly salary (in 2020): 720 Euro  (Portugal's average: 850 Euro 



Azores - Sete Cidades - Kathy photo


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