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Xiamen - Shimao Straits Tower - l.s. photo

,, The locals are proud Chinese, but they don’t take it as an insult if they hear from the foreign tourists that Xiamen is so different from other Chinese cities. Xiamen is a very safe city; beaches are clean, the sand is silky, the vegetation is lush, the seafood is fresh and tasty, the buildings are attractive, patinated, the business district is modern. "





Xiamen can take pride in China's largest Starbucks outlet, a four-story building offering a breathtaking ocean view from its glass-enclosed patio.

amen - street food - m.h. photo

Xiamen - lobster - m.h. photo

Xiamen - jackfruit - m.h. photo



Xiamen - market - ducks, hen, pigeons for sale - l.b. photo


Given that Xiamen is a university city, there are many nightclubs, of course; moreover, the party venues are not as expensive as in Beijing and Shanghai. There are two famous discos: Dushanz and 1801 Bar.


Xiamen - planet - l.s. photo

Destination in brief

Xiamen is a charming port city in southeastern China, in the southern part of Fujian Province, facing Taiwan. Most of the city is located on Xiamen Island.

The location of the city is fascinating. The city of Xiamen consists of Xiamen Island, Gulangyu Island, and a substantial area on land at the Jiulong River Delta. Of the six districts, most of Huli and Siming districts are located on Xiamen Island, while the other four districts are located on the mainland.

Population (in 2020): 3.5 million

It is not a real big city by China's standards. Unlike many other Chinese cities of about this size, Xiamen enjoys a kind of small-town tranquility.

Many visitors profit from the fact that in winter, the daytime temperature is around 20 degrees. Due to its subtropical climate, Xiamen is a kind of holiday vacation destination: palm trees, beautiful clear skies, white-sand beaches.

Xiamen is also called "Crane City" because of the many crane birds living in the city.

Xiamen is a University City. Its university is one of the most popular in China, primarily because of the city’s advantageous amenities. The living environment (campus) of the university is beautiful. The university is located in Siming District, the same where area as the Gulangyu Island.

The small Gulangyu island is Xiamen's main attraction. The island is only two square kilometers in size, but full of galleries and museums. They even have a Piano Museum and a medal museum. The island can be reached in 10 minutes by ferry. The ferry station is near Zhongshan Lu.

Most of the visiting tourists are domestic Chinese.

In August, typhoons are common in the Xiamen area.



Xiamen - Mao - m.h. photo

Xiamen - a war monument that depicts Communist China army fighters in a war against Taiwan (Nationalist Kuomintang army) in 1949 (?) - i.v. photo



Xiamen - modern - m.h. photo

Xiamen - street scene - m.h. photo



Xiamen - girls - b.t. photo

Xiamen - friendly Chinese - m.h. photo

Xiamen - kid - m.h. photo

Xiamen - men - m.h. photo



Xiamen - South Putuo Temple - i.v. photo

Xiamen - South Putuo (or Nanputuo), a famous Buddhist temple - i.v. photo

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