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Lhasa - Potala Palace - K Elter photo

It is a very good idea to travel with a Chinese-speaking friend or guide. Or Tibetan, of course. You won’t get far with just English and European languages.

The bus journey is very challenging, but there is so much to see along the way, it’s worth the suffering. You need to be prepared for sickness, an upset stomach, headaches, etc., so it’s worth packing the right medications.”


“I have spoken to many travelers in recent years who, while showing great interest in Tibet, are reluctant to visit this Chinese-occupied territory in order not to endorse Chinese rule, and to show solidarity with Tibet. I have no position on this, but the fact is that Tibet is under Chinese rule, and I would wager a fairly large sum of money so that the relationship between China and Tibet will not change in the future. So anyone who decides not to visit Tibet for political reasons and will not let go of this view will probably never get a chance. Of course, everyone has the right to decide in their own hearts how they approach this issue.” (2018)


 “Tibetans are amazing. When I think of Tibetans, it’s always the monastic village that comes to mind. I expected them to be very aloof, but on the contrary, everyone was very open and kind and kept smiling at us. Nothing like that ever happened in China, although in the big cities of China they may have become accustomed to the sight of Westerners.

They barely had anything, but they gave us lots of presents and shared their food with us. Yarchen Gar is divided into two parts. Male monks live in one half and the women live in the other, and there is no gateway between them. As a visitor, of course, we were able to move from one place to another, and on the women’s side, we went into a building where kids were studying upstairs. I went upstairs and from the reactions, I had the impression that they had never seen a Westerner in their lives.” (2017)




“What was most very stressful about traveling in Tibet was the bus ride. There are no properly built roads, so our bus kept shaking and rattling, and more than once I felt very bad, with headaches and nausea. We traveled by bus for nine hours, then drove for another three. (2018)

Tibet - landscape with a road - K Elter's photo



Tibet - Yak steak in a restaurant - K Elter's photo



Tibet - Prayer wheels - K Elter's photo


Tibet Travel Permit (TTP)

“Tibet is closed in early spring because it is a fairly sensitive period of the year, with a high probability of protests and conflicts, so they do not allow foreign tourists to enter during that time. Most travel agencies already make allowances for this and do not even organize trips for foreign tourists during this period. (m.a., 2019)

Tibet - Gyanse - Yak dung patches kept for the oven and the heating used in the wintertime - K Elter's photo


Destination in brief

Population (in 2021): 3.6. million (???)



Tibet - Glacier with a Chorten (stupa) - K Elter's photo

Tibet - Himalayan landscape - K Elter's photo

Tibet - Mount Everest - K Elter photo



Tibet - The main square of Lhasa - K Elter photo

Tibet - monastery hallway - K Elter photo



Tibet - Lhasa - The whirl of the Barkhor - K. Elter's photo

Tibet - street lunch - K Elter photo

Tibet - round midday - K Elter's photo

Tibet - K Elter photo

Tibet - K Elter photo

Tibet - portrait - K Elter's photo

Tourist etiquette


Tibet - The elder lady has offered me that unidentified drink and it was not appropriate to refuse it. - K Elter's photo



Tibet - Butcher shop in the center of Lhasa. Yak meat is consumed in dried, salted, smoked, etc. form - v.n. photo



Tibet - Tashilhunpo Monastery Shigatse with the 10th Panchen Lama' s shrine - K. Elter's photo

Tibet - Lhasa - The chapel of the Drepung Monastery - K Elter's photo

Tibet - Tasilhumpo in Shigatse - The main building of the monastery - K Elter's photo

Tibet -The floors of the Tashilhumpo monastery in Shigatse - K Elter's photo



Lhasa - Jokhang Temple

Tibet - Lhasa - Jokhang Temple - K Elter's photo

Tibet - Lhasa -Jokhang Temple - K Elter's photo

Lhasa - Windows of the Jokhang Temple - K Elter's photo

Lhasa - Tibetans prostrating in front of the Jokhang Temple - K Elter's photo

Lhasa - Jokhang Temple - K Elter's photo

Lhasa - Jokhang Temple - K Elter's photo

Lhasa - Jokhang Temple

Lhasa - Jokhang Temple - K Elter's photo


Lhasa - Norbulingka Monastery, the Summer Residence of the Dalai Lama - K. Elter's photo

Tibet - Lhasa - Main square - Prayer flag pole - K Elter's photo

Lhasa - Potala Palace in the background - K Elter's photo

Potala Palace

Tibet - Stairs leading to the Potala Palace - K Elter's photo

Tibet - Potala - The highest part of the palace - K Elter's photo

Tibet - The courtyard of the Potala Palace - K Elter's photo

 Gyantse Dzong

Tibet - Gyantse Dzong - A castle in Gyantse - K Elter's photo

Tibet - Giantse - A side of the Kumbum Stupa - K Elter's photo

Gyantse town

Tibet - Houses in Gyance - K Elter's photo

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