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Western Sahara - f.a. photo

Western Sahara - f.a. photo

If you want to be unsure what is actually the political status of Western Sahara, then ask 3 sides involved in this conflict: :
If you ask Algeria - occupied, belongs to the Sahrawis.
If you ask the Sahrawis - occupied, belongs to the Sahrawis.
If you ask Morocco - not occupied, part of Morocco always was and always will be.


,, I am sure that Morocco will never leave Western Sahara. It may be better for everyone, even for the Western Saharans (I mean the Sahrawis), to reach a purposeful autonomy within a greater Morocco." (martin, 2019)




Western Sahara - country road full of sand - g.t. photo



Western Sahara - Camping ,,The Bedouin King" 4,5 km - g.t. photo



Western Sahara - mutton meat dish - g.t. photo

Western Sahara - ready for the modest dinner



Western Sahara - Another One Bites The Dust


Western Sahara - national flag

Destination in brief

Western Sahara's official name is Sahrawi Arab Democratic republic.

Size: 266,000 km² (102,703 mi²)

Population (in 2020): 597,000

Languages: Classical Arab and Spanish are the official languages - Hassaniya Arabic, Moroccan Arabic, Berber and Frenchare also widely spoken

Religion: 99,4% Islam

Currency: Sahrawi peseta                


,, The native Saharawis speak Spanish, but the Moroccans who have settled the place over the last decades don't.
There are two official languages, Spanish and Arabic. Everything issued by the government is in both languages, and the native Saharawis are bilingual. Saharawis also tend to have a mix of Arabic and Spanish names and surnames.
Typically Spanish is used with a higher preference in academic matters and healthcare, given most of the healthcare and education support that Western Sahara receives comes from Spain, Cuba, and other Hispanic countries' aids. The Spanish government also has a program to have Saharawi kids come to Spain on summer vacations." (2021)


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