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“Belfast is the second most populous city on the island of Ireland, and is the main city in Northern Ireland. It’s a very vibrant city, full of life, and of course it’s full of great pubs. Among these, the Crown Liquor Saloon (1880) is particularly special, not only for those who love whiskey and pubs, but also for lovers of architecture. It was referred to for a long time simply as the ‘Victorian Gin Palace.’

It’s still worth checking out today, even if you aren’t a fan of whiskey, because of all the details which have remained unchanged since 1880: the carved wooden ceiling, the old-fashioned gas lamps, the stained-glass windows the colorful mosaic tiles and unique beer taps. The most unique feature is the ten individual little boxes, about the size of train compartment, where six or so people can sit around a table in privacy and discuss the state of the world. Each stall has its own letter, and the former signaling system has been preserved, though it is no longer in operation.” (2018)

Northern Ireland - Dark Hedges, also known as 'The Kingsroad' from Game of Thrones - nergling photo

Northern Ireland - countryside - m.g. photo




Northern Ireland - Belfast - public bus - h.n. photo

Northern Ireland - a train station - k.e. photo

Northern Ireland - road in February with snowy mountain - c.b. photo



Northern Ireland - Ardglass potted herring - f.m. photo

Northern Ireland - Ulster Fry - c.b. photo



Belfast - St. George's Market - Irish Fudge for sale - s.m. photo



Northern Ireland - and false advertising...

Public safety


Northern Ireland - military presence - j.g. photo

Northern Ireland - police dog with an assistant - m.j. photo



Northern Ireland - County Antrim - Ballybogy beach in February - c.b. photo


Destination in brief

Northern Ireland is one of the countries of the United Kingdom besides England, Wales, and Scotland.  

Size: 14,130 km² (5,455 mi²)

Capital city: Belfast

Population (2020): 1.9 million

Languages: English is the official and the most spoken language -  There are also two recognised regional languages: Irish and a local version of Scots, known as Ulster Scots

Religions: 47% Protestant, 46% Catholic - According a leading academic, the Catholics will likely outnumber the Protestants by 2021 (As of 2018, among schoolchildren already 51% Catholic, 37% Protestant).

Currency: Pound sterling (GBP)

Average net monthly salary (in 2020): 1700 GBP

(2480 GBP in Dublin, 2800 GBP in London, 1870 GBP in Glasgow, 1860 GBP in Cardiff)

Most common surname: Campbell

Famous people from Northern Ireland: Saint Patrick (5th century patron saint and apostle of Ireland), Liam Neeson movie star, Sir Kenneth Branaghactor-director, George Best footbaler



Northern Ireland - The Emerald Isle - Stuzal photo



Northern Ireland - mist - Tom's photo


Time-travellers in Carrickfergus

,, Up to at least the end of WW2, Northern Ireland was far wealthier than the Republic of Ireland. Northern Ireland had far more good-paying jobs, a higher standard of living, and less poverty mostly. That was primarily because Northern Ireland was industrialized, while much of the Republic didn’t even have electricity.

Northern Ireland's troublesome era (approx. 1969–1998) impacted more than just law and order. The violence frightened potential investors, damaged much infrastructure, and resulted in brain drain from the country.

Northern Ireland - Belfast - Titanic Memorial - commemorates the lives lost in the sinking of the RMS Titanic on 15 April 1912 - Elter photo

Northern Ireland - Belfast - The Bobby Sands memorial mural on Falls Rd (republican). He died after he went on a hunger strike in prison. - p.j. photo

Northern Ireland - Belfast - Shankill Road - These Unionist fighters are all dead - that's why their faces are shown - p.j. photo

Northern Ireland - Belfast - loyalty to the Crown - p.j. photo



,, Belfast is the second most populous city on the island of Ireland and the main city of Northern Ireland. A very vibrant place, full of life, as well as world-class pubs, of course. Of these, the downtown Crown Liquor Saloon (1880) is a real gem for fans of architecture, whiskey, and pubs. It has been referred to as the ‘Victorian Gin Palace’ for a long time. What makes it worth a visit, even today, and even if you don’t care for the taste of the local whiskey, are the remaining details of the original building: the carved wooden ceilings, old-fashioned gas lamps, stained glass windows, special mosaic tiles, and custom beer taps. At the same time, its most distinctive feature is the ten small drinking booths, each of which with a door that can be locked, where guests are still free to discuss the ways of the world in private. Each box has a separate letter and the former system whereby patrons would signal to the bar staff has been preserved, although it no longer works today.” (2018)

Northern Ireland - Belfast - Peace Wall Murals - s.m. photo

Northern Ireland - Belfast - Titanic Museum - s.m. photo

Belfast - Town Hall - s.m. photo

The Giant's Causeway

Northern Ireland - The Giant's Causeway - b.e. photo

Northern Ireland - The Giant's Causeway - b.e. photo

Northern Ireland - Giant's Causeway - The giant's boot - c.b. photo


Northern Ireland - the ruins of Dunluce Castle - k.t. photo

Northern Ireland - Kinbane Castle - b.e. photo

Derry (also known as Londonderry)

Northern Ireland - Londonderry - a.l. photo

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