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“Nowhere in the world have I seen a sunset as red as in Zimbabwe. For the first time we were driving across flat, open country, with a few solitary trees rising out of the high, dry, golden grass, and the light of the setting sun shone as crimson rays through the vegetation. We stopped the car and got out, and as I turned around on that flat savannah, I saw the red and orange light fill the western sky, while to the east it was still a deep blue. This was where I first saw the Southern Cross, that constellation of the southern sky, which always points in a particular direction. Somehow it seemed that there were many more stars here than in our northern sky.”

Zimbabwe - Victoria Falls - Elter photo

Zimbabwe - stylish guy - Elter photo




Zimbabwe - Gonarezhou National Park - lions leading the convoy - np

Public safety

,, The country is safer for a European tourist than for a Zimbabwean. Europeans last got caught up in the crossfire about 20 years ago. The army and the police will probably leave you alone thinking you work for the BBC… Don’t get caught up in coup though.."


Zimbabwe - national flag rollick

Destination in brief

Size: 390,757 km² (150,872 mi²)

Capital city: Harare

Population (in 2020): 14.8 million

Languages: English is the language of administration and business, while about 70% of the population speak Shona, about 20% Ndebele.

The country - a British colony - gained independence in 1965 but was ruled by a white minority government until 1980, when the Black majority has overtaken the rule and changed its name for Zimbabwe.

Religions: 69,2% Protestant, 8% Roman Catholic (1% Muslim only)  

Form of government: Presidential republic

Currency: Zimbabwe dollar (ZWD)

Average net monthly salary (in 2020): 420 USD

Most common surname: Moyo



Zimbabwe - Harare


Victoria Falls

Zimbabwe - view of the Victoria Falls from a helicopter - l.c. photo

Great Zimbabwe Ruins

Zimbabwe - Khami - Great Zimbawe ruins - Viktor Ohotin s photo

Zimbabwe - Great Zimbabwe Ruins - Viktor Ohotin's photo

Zimbabwe - Great Zimbabwe Ruins - Viktor Ohotin's photo

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