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Bruges - main square - z.f. photo

“Bruges really is as pretty as in the pictures – if not more so! I’ve never been anywhere quite so clean, though I go abroad five or six times a year. I have photos showing them vacuuming the sidewalks, with a regular home vacuum cleaner. It’s a shock to come across a chip packet or some waste paper because the city’s so thoroughly clean and tidy. I suppose the place that comes closest is Klagenfurt, Austria, but the buildings there are all from the nineteenth century, while those in Bruges are mostly from the sixteenth or seventeenth centuries.

Almost all the streets of the old town are cobbled from wall to wall, so whatever you don’t come here in high heels (unless you’re a masochist!)

There were a French fry museum and a beer museum (among countless other museums) but we were pressed for time and didn’t visit them. You can take a boat trip on the canals, and in good weather, I’d highly recommend it. At €8 for 30 minutes, it’s worth it for the views!

You can rent bikes from several places, but the cobblestones make them difficult to use.

On the edge of the old town, you can also admire the old windmills, which are an excellent (and free) photo subject. The old town itself is easy to get around on foot – maybe 30 minutes’ walk from end to end.  (Kristian, 2017)

“Bruges is the sort of city where it’s worth exploring every single street. One day is probably enough to see almost every lane and alley. And remember to look up! Firstly because it’s worth admiring the facades of the houses in detail, but also because Bruges is a city of towers. The Belfry towers over the main square, but even it is dwarfed by the steeples of two nearby churches.” (2019)




Bruges - sightseeing on a boat - Krista photo

Bruges - boat excursion - Krista photo



Bruges - shopping - Krista photo

Bruges - chocolate shop -Krista photo



Bruges - trendy nun - t.n. photo



Bruges - the medieval Hospital of St. John, now a museum (Sint-Janshospitaal) - z.f. photo



Bruges - Download kr

Bruges - tourists - Krista photo

Bruges - Krista photo


Bruges - Markt - z.f. photo

Destination in brief

Population (in 2020): 119,000



Bruges - Krista photo

Bruges - main square - Krista photo

Bruges - Krista photo

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