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Antigua and Barbuda - Antigua - Shirley Heights - superb lookout - k.a. photo

,,Antigua and Barbuda are off the heavily beaten tourist path, so it feels less hectic, less hurried, less touristy. The locals are very friendly, the food is good or great, the prices are pretty good compared to comparable islands."



Roads are not very good, and don’t expect to go over 50km/hr (30 mi/hr) very often.

Antigua and Barbuda - Saint John - bus terminal - k.a. photo



Antigua and Barbuda - jerk chicken, okra rice and plantains slow baked in a cinnamon-pineapple glaze!



Antigua and Barbuda - beach vendor

Antigua and Barbuda - souvenir shop - One-Eyed Willy, an infamous 17th-century pirate on the left, and the right - p.v. photo

Antigua and Barbuda - Antigua - Saint John - market - m.i. photo

Antigua and Barbuda - Saint John - market - k.a. photo



Antigua and Barbuda - wet counter



Antigua and Barbuda - public toilet in minimalist style

Antigua and Barbuda - warning - the illustration of the female figure is not worked out thoroughly


Antigua and Barbuda - national flag - Red color symbolizes the lifeblood of slave forefathers and dynamism of the local people - p.v. photo

Destination in brief

Antigua and Barbuda in brief 

Antigua and Barbuda are eastern Caribbean islands in the so-called Lesser Antilles. Together with the volcanic island of Redonda, they form an independent state. Barbuda is 40 kilometers (25 miles) north of Antigua.

Size: 443 km² (275 mi²)

Population: 97,500 (2020) – 74% Protestants. This small country has more than 100 churches.

Language: English, but most people speak creole English (also known as patois)

The capital city, Saint John, is on Antigua. The central town of Barbuda is Codrington. 

Antigua and Barbuda is a parliamentarian monarchy (being part of the Commonwealth).

Religion: 93% Christians

The East Caribbean Dollar is the official currency.

The highest point of Antigua is Mount Obama. The name was changed from Boggy Peak in 2009 to honor the US President. 

Most tourists are cruise ship passengers stopping over for a day.

Both Antigua and Barbuda are very popular among sailors and yacht owners.

Antigua’s best beaches are located on the southwestern part of the island. Antigua has 365 powdery soft white sand beaches!

Prices at restaurants are similar to those in Switzerland. That is why some people call Antigua and Barbuda the “Switzerland of the Caribbean.”

The great rock guitarist Eric Clapton built a drug and rehabilitation center on the island.



Antigua and Barbuda - - the frequent wind makes the tree grow bent - k.a. photo


Barbuda island was first colonized in 17th century. 

Antigua and Barbuda - unusual statue of Sir Vere Cornwall Bird Sr., national hero, the first Prime Minister of the independent country

Antigua and Barbuda - Antigua - Saint Paul Parish - Nelson's Dockyard - former headquarters of Admiral Nelson (from 1784 through 1787) - k.a. photo

Antigua and Barbuda - Antigua - Saint John - old, abandoned house - k.a. photo


Local politics has a pronounced elitist character. For more than 40 years it has been dominated by one family, the Birds.

Today Antigua serves as one of the world's main financial off-shore centers and a prime holiday travels' destination for US tourists.

Antigua and Barbuda - family house

Antigua and Barbuda - Antigua - Saint John - locals - k.a. photo

Antigua and Barbuda - poor man - k.a. photo



Antigua and Barbuda - girls

Antigua and Barbuda - men

Antigua and Barbuda - school girls - p.v. photo

Tourist etiquette


Antigua and Barbuda - topless is not a problem on an empty beach


Fungee and pepperpot (a stew) is the national dish.



Antigua and Barbuda - Antigua - Long Bay beach - carved tree

Saint John

Antigua and Barbuda - Antigua - Saint John - k.a. photo

Antigua and Barbuda - Antigua - Saint John - k.a. photo

Antigua and Barbuda - Antigua - Saint John - wooden boardwalk promenade - k.a. photo

Antigua and Barbuda - Antigua - Saint John - k.a. photo

Antigua and Barbuda - Antigua - Saint John - k.a. photo

Antigua and Barbuda - Saint John - tourism center - k.a. photo

Nelson's Dockyard (Antigua)

Antigua and Barbuda - Antigua - Nelson's Dockyard - k.a. photo

Antigua and Barbuda - Antigua - Nelsons Dockyard - k.a. photo

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