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South and Central Asia - Afghanistan - pb

Afghanistan . man in Afhgani pakool wool hat - pb

Afghanistan - father and son - pb




Afghanistan - moto taxi - s.v. photo

Afghanistan - kids - h.w. photo



Afghanistan - fresh flat bread - s.v. photo



Afghanistan - Kabul - shopkeeper - k.t.g. photo

Public safety

The southernmost part of Afghanistan is the least secure.

Afghanistan - well-protected poppy plantation



Afghanistan - faces - g.r. photo

Afghanistan- the village of Istālif (29 kilometers northwest of Kabul) - casual invitation - Viktor Ohotin's photo


Afghanistan - national flag

Destination in brief

Size: 652,237 km² (251,830 mi²)

Population: 37.5 million (2020)

Capital city: Kabul

Languages: Dari and Pashto are the official languages - Dari is a variety of Persian language (often referred to as the Afghan Persian)

Religion: 99,7% Muslim

Average net monthly salary (in 2020): 250 USD

Most common surname: Muhammadi



Afghanistan - landscape - pb

Afghan landscape - a.w. photo


Afghanistan managed to retain its independence in two ways:

  1. It played the empires that bordered it off each other.
  2. When invaders did come, the people of Afghanistan would fight guerrilla-style in the most defensible regions of the country and exact a sufficiently high price that the invaders had to leave.



Afghanistan - Bamyan Valley - The people living in the houses behind the adobe walls live without water, electricity, and gas supply. But, the yards and homes are clean; only the stream bed is littered with plastic this and that. - Victor's photo (2016)

Afghanistan - laptop


1. The bulk of the population is illiterate and poorly educated.

2. Local men love to tell you funny stories and Afghan proverbs. Afghan people love music. Remember that during the Taliban regime, laughter and music were prohibited.

Afghanistan - old man - pb

Afghanistan - boys - kehi photo

Afghan old man

Afghanistan - locals - h.w. photo

Afghanistan - Bamiyan province (central highlands) - a small town on an altitude of about 2,550 meters - ov. photo (2016)

Afghanistan - women in burka - s.v. photo

Tourist etiquette

1. Afghans enjoy comparing cultures and are always ready to listen to the opinion or views of a foreign national on Afghanistan. However, average people prefer not to discuss the local armed and political conflicts. As soon as you get to know each other better, they confide in you easily and tell you personal opinions.

2. People who live in big Afghan cities know that handshaking is usual in the Western world. If you are a man and reach out your hand to a local man, he will not hesitate to reach out to you, too.  However, handshaking with a local woman is an entirely different situation. If you are a man, most of the local women might feel very embarrassed to shake your hand, especially in front of other people, and in some cases, they might even flatly refuse.

3. It is rude and offensive to raise your voice or show your anger towards a local person.



Afghanistan - Herat - Citadel - s.v. photo

Afghanistan - Herat - Friday Mosque - s.v. photo

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