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Internet access: Sudan has several internet service providers, but since July 2019 a severe blackout exists, ordered by the Transitional Military Council. The outage seems to have been done to reduce the ability of the people to organize protests against the situation.

Sudan - road scene - s.v. photo

Sudan - transport means - s.v. photo

Sudan - on a country road - s.v. photo



Sudan - Khartoum - Corinthia Burj AlFatih Hotel



Sudan - snake skin for sale - s.v. photo

Sudan - Darfur - Camel market - s.v. photo



Sudan - festivity - m.y. photo

Sudan - watching a FC Barcelona match - b.v. photo

Public safety


Sudan - armed escort on the way of a mountain climbing - b.d. photo


Don't drink tap water, avoid even to use it for cleaning the teeth. 


Sudan - national flag - i.a. photo

Destination in brief

Sudan is in Northeast Africa. Neighbors: Egypt (north), Libya (northwest), Chad (west), Central African Republic , South Sudan and Ethiopia (south), Eritrea (east). Sudan has a coast along the Red Sea.

Size: 1.886 million km² (728,200 mi²) - the third largest African country (after Algeria an DR Congo) - Most of the territory of Sudan is formed by two deserts - the Libyan and the Nubian, where vegetation is practically absent.

Capital city: Khartoum - the city is at the confluence of the White and the Blue Nile

Population (in 2020): 44.7 million

Languages:  official languages are Literary Arabic and English

Religion: 75% Sunni Muslims, 20% adherents of local beliefs (animist, fetishist, a cult of ancestors, cult of nature forces), 5% Christians - Islam is the state religion -  Most Muslims live in the northern provinces, and the Christians live in the southern areas and the city of Khartoum.

Form of government: presidential republic

The primary incomes of the country come from agriculture and oil production.

Currency: Sudanese pound (SDG)

Average net monthly salary (in 2020): 100 USD

Most common surname: Ahmed


The name of Sudan comes from black and was called the land of black people, which is the geographical area extending from the Horn of Africa to West Africa, but this area has shrunk to be limited to the current geographical space.

Sudan - dramatic landscape of Karima - l.d. photo


2020. May: Sudan has confiscated assets valued at $4 billion (!!!) from former President Omar al-Bashir, his family members and associates, the country’s anti-corruption body said.

Sudan - easy rider - s.v. photo



Sudan - man - m.z. photo

Sudan - a man with his daughters - s.v. photo

Sudan - young man - s.v. photo

Sudan - Nomads - s.v. photo

Sudan - shoemaker - s.v. photo

Tourist etiquette

1. Don't wear clothes with such printing, image, motif that may offend the conservative Muslim locals - e.g., emblems of thrash metal bands, Christian symbols, messages of risky humor, naked, or even half-naked cartoons.   


Given its colonial past, Sudan 's national cuisine is influenced by theFrench, Italian, and English culinary traditions. Locals especially love lamb and chicken and prefer rice as a side dish.

Sudan - BBQ - m.a. photo



Sudan - Khartoum - Grand Mosque - s.v. photo


Jebel Barkal

Sudan - Jebel Barkal - s.v. photo

Pyramids of Nuri

Sudan - Nubian Meroe pyramids - y.m. photo

Nubian Meroe pyramids

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