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Somalia - kids

“There is no question that the rules, procedures and protection schemes to ensure the security of travelers in Somalia are the result of very well-founded concerns. On the other hand, many visitors suspect that maintaining the perception of Somalia as a uniquely dangerous country also serves a business purpose, since the bodyguard and security services offered to travelers generate a tidy profit. There are also many, many security personnel, maintained at public expense, whose main purpose seems to be the protection of foreign visitors (most of them not tourists). There are many large cities around the world which are visited by hordes of tourists, and which have a higher murder rate than Somalia, though less of a fuss is made about them. (J.K., 2014)




Somalia - market scene - s.h. photo

Public safety


Somalia - police car

Somalia - beach walk with armed escort - Viktor Ohotin's photo (2019)


Somalia - national flag fashion

Destination in brief

Somalia is the easternmost country of Africa, on the Horn of Africa. Neighbors: Djibouti (north), Ethiopia (west), Kenya (south west). Somalia has coast along the Gulf of Aden and the Arabian Sea.

Size: 637,655 km²  (246,200 mi²)

Capital city: Mogadishu

Population (in 2020): 12,1 million

Languages: Somali is the official language

Religions: 99,8% Muslim

Form of government: federal republic

Somalia gained independence in 1960.

Currency: Somali schilling (SOS)

Average net monthly salary (in 2020): 370 USD

Most commo surname: Ali


Somalia, as a country, never existed before Britain, France and Italy, arrived at the Somali coast. Mostly tribes lived there, a few united under a prince of some standing, with some nominal influence from the faraway Ottoman Caliphate.
At the coast, the seafaring Omani Arabs from Oman and Zanzibar had some settlements. In the 19th century, the Egyptian fleet of the Khedives sailed southwards and captured some settlements upon the Omanis. It did not last.
So the Italians arrived from Eritrea and the British from Aden and split the areas between them and the mighty Empire of Ethiopia. The Ethiopian property was and still is the Ogaden.
Colonization was not easy as the Dervishes under the Mad Mullah undertook a guerilla against the invaders Britain and the Ethiopian Empire. They even received the assistance of the Ottoman Caliphate, especially during World War One. Only in 1920 resistance ended.(Johan)



Somalia - youngs

Somalia - women

Somalia - Muslim women - suspicious look - s.v. photo



Mogadishu - Triumphal Arch Mogadishu, built by the Italians in the mid 1930's, for the visit to the city by the King of Italy - and the ruins behind it - Viktor Ohotin photo (2019)

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