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Gibraltar - encounter - Krista photo

Gibraltar - This is the beginning of a beautiful friendship - Krista photo

“Don’t miss Gibraltar! It’s worth taking the cable car to the top of the Rock, then walking back down. The monkeys are very cheeky 😊 From the top, you can easily see across to the coast of Africa.” (téká, 2019)


“It’s a good idea to park on the Spanish side and walk across. There’s a McDonalds before the border – it’s practically deserted in the morning, and the car park is free. The cable car is pretty expensive, but it’s worth going up that way so you can spend some time exploring the summit of the Rock.
#Tarifa: A surfer’s paradise, and can be unbeatable in season – incredible winds, and the 17°C water temperature in early June means there aren’t many people paddling.” (b.é. 2018)

Go ahead! - Krista photo

“We spent a day on Gibraltar, as part of a guided tour. It’s pretty, the views from the Rock are fantastic, and the monkeys are cute – experts assured us that they only steal food. That’s how it seemed to us as well – or at least I didn’t see any carrying expensive necklaces or wristwatches 😊. On the other hand, it’s also very expensive – we paid around €40 for two beers, a hamburger and a hotdog. The city itself is clean and tidy, and it’s worth visiting St. Michael’s Cave. Along with the monkeys, that was my favorite.” (b.n., 2019)

Krista photo




Gibraltar - cable car - Krista photo

Gibraltar - walking across the runway - Krista photo

Gibraltar - 20-25 seater minibus transport for tourists - k.l. photo

Gibraltar - traffic light for airfield crossing - v.j. photo



Gibraltar - Continental Hotel - a.p. photo



Gibraltar - husband day care - v.j. photo

Gibraltar - British feeling - k.l.



Gibraltar - selfie - Krista photo

Gibraltar - monkey business - Krista photo

Gibraltar - The Angry Friar - v.j. photo

Public safety


Gibraltar - cannon that seems peaceful - k.l. photo



Gibraltar - ornate iron balcony - v.j. photo


Gibraltar - EU flag since left, monkey stays - ata photo

Destination in brief

Gibraltar is a British Overseas Territory, a small peninsula at the sothern end of Spain. Britain posses Gibraltar since 1704 with the continual displeasure of Spain. In front of Gibraltar, the territory always had strategical importance as half the world's seaborne trade passed through the strait.

Size: 6.8 km²  (2.6 mi²)

Population (in 2020): 32,584

About 6-7 thousand Spanish workers are commuting here every working day.

Language: The official language is English; but most locals also speak Spanish. There's a local language, Llanito (Gibraltarians also call themselves Llanitos), which is a mix of English and Spanish

Currency: British pound (GBP)

Average net monthly salary (in 2020): 3000 USD

Most common surname: Garcia (not a typical British surname...)

The main economic sectors are shipping (geographical location + low taxes on ship fuel), banking (onshore-offshore).

There is a continuous tension between Britain and Spain over coastal waters, border controls, taxes, smuggling, etc. - The central point is, however, that Britain wants to maintain the status quo, of course, and Spain (hopelessly) "wanting it back."




Gibraltar - rock - Krista photo



Gibraltar - English fog - g.v. photo


Gibraltar had always been an important military outpost contested by major European states., due to its unique geographical position between African and European continents.

Gibraltar - the neoclassic building of the Convent Guard House, once the guardhouse of a Franciscan convent - n.b. photo



Gibraltar - the city and the airstrip - Krista photo

Gibraltar - Convent Place - a.p. photo

Tourist etiquette


Gibraltar - illegal - v.j. photo



Gibraltar - lighthouse - g.v. photo

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