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Boracay - z.l. photo

“It is not true to say that Boracay is not worth visiting in the low season.

First of all, the high season on Boracay traditionally lasts from November to May because statistics show that the least rainfall can be expected during this period (although in recent years, due to global weather changes, this period seems to have shifted somewhat, and November is often still rainy). The temperature is usually between 25 and 32 degrees Celsius. As for the wind direction (Boracay is a world-famous kitesurfing destination!), in the high season, White Beach is wholly protected from the wind, and kitesurfing is limited to Bulabog beach on the eastern side of the island.

Accordingly, the ‘low season’ lasts from June to October or November. During this time, the sky is usually cloudy, cool winds blow, and rain is frequent. This is also typhoon season in the Philippines. However, it should be noted that Boracay is protected from strong typhoons, located in the middle of the archipelago, and surrounded by several other islands. The wind direction during this period is generally the reverse of that during the high season, and the wind blows from the tip of White Beach. In the off-season, all water-based activities except sailing move to Bulabog beach, which is sheltered from the wind due to the wind direction.

Important: Every year, there are about ten days, at varying times (usually late February to early March, but not always), when seaweed accumulates at White Beach. In some pictures, it looks impressive, but in reality, it is a bit depressing.”




Boracay - airport - arrival - j.k. photo

Boracay - water taxi - j.k. photo

Boracay - tuktuk - s.b. photo

Boracay - White Beach - station 3 - diving&snorkeling tour boats - p.l. photo



Boracay - prices per 100 gr - s.n. photo



Boracay - shall we say, the shopping street - t.v. photo

Boracay - the Talipapa seafood market - j.k. photo

Boracay - open-air shopping plaza - j.k. photo



Boracay - Paradise on earth - z.l. photo


Destination in brief

Boracay is a small vacation island in the central part of the Philippines, north of the much larger Panay island. 

Size: 10.32 km²  (4 sq mi) - 7 km (4,3 mi) in length and less than 2 km (1,2 mi) wide

Permanent population (in 2020):about 12,000

February-May is the dry season when rain can not ruin your vacation. In this period, the disadvantage is the high season in tourism, with higher room rates and thousands of vacationers, especially during Easter.

November to January, there is less crowded, still lovely weather.  However, Christmas and New Year is a different story as the number of visitors increases dramatically.  

Boracay - post card perfect - z.l. photo



Boracay - locals - k.a. photo


White Beach

Boracay - White Beach - j.m. photo

Yapak Beach (or Puka Beach)

Boracay - Yapak Beach - m.c. photo

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