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Seoul - parade at the entrance gate to Changdeokgung Palace - Krista photo

“In Seoul I saw what has to be the best-constructed subway system in the world, with 16 separate lines and an almost infinite number of stations. Easy to get lost. I never felt the usual, claustrophobic sense of overcrowding I usually experience in Asian cities, and skyscrapers are relatively rare. There are a lot of districts where the houses have gardens, and most apartment buildings are no higher than four stories. The city is so large that its population of over 10 million is comfortably accommodated. The subway trains and buses were never too crowded to get on, and compared to Hong Kong the city sometimes seemed practically empty. It’s also very clean – I never saw dropped litter, there are a lot of green spaces, and the air quality is very good.”


“Until I went, I pictured Seoul as more boring and nondescript than cities like Tokyo, Hong Kong or even Beijing. It certainly wasn’t high on my bucket list. Then I spent ten days in Seoul, and I have to say, it was a very pleasant surprise. Seoul is a really exciting, dynamic metropolis. I wasn’t bored for an instant!” (P.I. 2017)


“Super modern, safe, and with fabulous infrastructure. The level of English isn’t great, but everyone is friendly and happy to help. People behave intelligently and with courtesy, so there’s never a feeling of crowding, and you don’t get jostled, elbowed, stepped on etc. South Korea would be my number one tip for travelers who want to dip their toe into the world beyond Europe!” (2017)




Seoul - metro scene - Krista photo



Seoul - Our favorite cafe in Hongdae with yummy pastries - Krista photo

Seoul - street food trucks - Krista photo

Seoul - the emblematic kimchi (salted and fermented vegetables, mainly napa cabbage and radish) - Krista photo

Seoul - crabs - Viktor Ohotin's photo



South Korea - Seoul - Gwangjang Market - Tom's photo

Seoul - Starfield Library in the COEX Mall - Tom's photo

Seoul - leglessly - Krista photo



Seoul - Brothers in the Trick Eye Museum - Krista photo

Public safety


Seoul - friendly police station



Seoul - phallus park


Destination in brief

Seoul simply means capital in Korean.

The capital city lies in the northwestern corner of South Korea. The Han River flows through the heart of Seoul, dividing the city into a northern and southern half.

Mountains beset Seoul, but the city itself is on flat land.

Population (in 2020): 9.9 million

Average net monhly salary (in 2020): 2400 USD

Seoul hosted the 1988 Olimpic Games.

Seoul - Gwanghwamun Square– Statue of King Sejong (1419–1450) - Krista photo


In 1950, North Korean communist troops occupied Seoul and almost totally destroyed it.



Seoul - office man - Krista photo



Seoul metro - Krista photo

Seoul - chit-chat - Krista photo

Seoul - cute - Krista photo

Seoul - traditional glad rags - Krista photo

Seoul - metro scene - Krista photo

Seoul - park live on a weekend day - Krista photo

Tourist etiquette


Seoul - bow



Seoul - Gwangjang market - local food - Tom's photo


Seoul - N Seoul Tower - glass floor - Krista photo

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