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,, Visiting Salalah has a sense if you want to concentrate on frequenting the beaches and spending some time admiring nature (like dolphin watching)

That is not a destination for partying or visiting cultural attractions.
It is worth renting a car because taxis and organized tours are costly." (aji, 2022)



Many attractions in the Salalah area are worth exploring with a rental car, as organized tours are expensive.


When choosing a hotel, it is essential to collect some independent information to check if the seawater at the beach in front of the hotel is calm or rough. Swimming is typically easy if the beach is in a more sheltered bay or lagoon.

I highly recommend staying in Crowne Plaza if you can afford. 


 The Hilton and Crowne Plaza are worth dining and drinking at.



Salalah - Gate of the Gold Market - Ata photo


Destination in brief

Salalah is a city and an emerging holiday region in southern Oman, the center of the Dhofar province.
The Salalah area is often called the "Caribbean of the East". This is not an exaggeration. The beaches of Salalah are great for swimming, snorkeling, and scuba diving. Another nickname, the "Switzerland of Oman," refers to the many green spaces.

To be honest, the Salalah area is only suitable for vacations and enjoying the green nature, as the cultural attractions are not significant. However, beaches are much more beautiful and natural than elsewhere in Oman or Dubai. In addition, it is 3-4 degrees warmer in winter than in the northern part of Oman and Dubai. This 27-28 degree is just right for a beach holiday. In winter, more and more Germans, Swiss, and other Western Europeans come here on vacation. They are beginning to discover a great place to have a pure holiday without stressful programs or sightseeing.  

The tourist infrastructure in the Salalah area is in its infancy and still under construction. That is a disadvantage, but an advantage as well, because there are no holiday crowds yet. More significant developments started around 2014.


The ideal timing for a holiday in the Salalah region is between October and May. However, remember that from the middle of June to the end of September, there is a monsoon period with a lot of rain, which is enjoyable for vacationers from the Arabian region but not for Europeans.

During Khareef (September), the area is lush green, and barren during the rest of the year.


West Salalah - Nabi Umran Tomb

Shrine of Nabi Umran: Unfortunately, the Omanis have not been able to find out whose tomb the holy place belongs to, but it is more famous because it is the longest tomb in the world, 12 meters long. That certainly breaks with the Muslim tradition that the grave reaches from the head to the feet of the deceased.

West Salalah - Nabi Umran Tomb - Ata photo

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