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“L’viv is a great little city. It’s worth visiting the folk village (in summer, at least) – you could easily spend a whole day there. The train station is also very pretty, though it’s quite a long way from the city center.

Fortunately it isn’t so focused on separating tourists from their money as similar European cities further west (Krakow, Prague, etc.) but this will probably change as more low-cost travel options lead to a rise in tourist numbers, so I’d say the sooner you visit, the better! 😉 (R. B. 2018)”

“Lviv is a gorgeous, romantic, old-world city with very few tourists. It buzzes with life, though, and you’ll find a young person playing music on almost every street corner. Even at 9 o’clock on a Sunday evening the streets are full of strolling families, with children and grandparents. Because of the university there are also a lot of young people, and it’s worth pointing out that everything is ridiculously cheap, even compared with countries like Poland and Hungary. Even in better bars, a large beer costs about $0.60, and a box of ‘big brand’ cigarettes costs $.0.80, while a four-course meal for two in a fancy restaurant costs about $17, drinks included. (2017)
“The city isn’t ‘worth’ more than a couple of days. The interesting sights are all in a fairly small area. We didn’t find Lviv particularly special, and the four days we spent there were too much.
Still, you can get delicious food, and it’s definitely excellent value for money. They’re clearly trying to spruce the place up and attract more tourists, but as far as I can see, the potential is quite limited. (L. A. 2019)




Ukraine - Lviv - tram - z.k. photo

Lviv - crowded public bus - o.-l- photo

Lviv - horse carriages for sightseeing - n.c. photo



Lviv - souvenirs - m.d. photo

Lviv - souvenir - Putin toilet papers - y.m. photo



Lviv - bar - v.j. photo

Lviv - Gin Tonic, Brandy Cola, Rum Cola - v.j. photo

Public safety


Lviv - police - o.i. photo



Lviv - Stryi Park - a former water tower

Lviv - Kiss Place sign - y.m. photo


Lviv - main street - z.k. photo

Destination in brief

Lviv is the largest city in western Ukraine.

In Ukrainian: Львів . the name Lvov is also in use - German name: Lemberg.

Population (in 2020): 717,000

Average net monthly salary (in 2020): 360 USD (while in Kiev: 580 USD)



Lviv - It's a rainy day Yeah



Lviv - background



Lviv - little girl - i.h. photo

Lviv - costume cycling - e.k. photo



Ukraine - Lviv - Dominican Church - z.k. photo

Ukraine - Lviv - Muzeina square with Dormition Church Korniakt Tower and Ivan Fedorov (printing pioneer) statue - z.k. photo

Ukraine- Lviv - Lviv National Academic Opera and Ballet Theatre - z.k. photo

Ukraine - Lviv - Dormition Church and Pizza Calcio - z.k. photo

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