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Lucerne - Kapellbrücke - Krista photo

Lucerne - inside Kapellbrücke - Krista

The city is surrounded by an unbelievably unique, picturesque landscape
I hardly knew where the time went as I strolled through the city – there was a new surprise around every corner
Lovely smells
You can hear birdsong in the city, which is such a wonderful experience
I loved the covered bridge, or Kapellbrücke, and that it can only be crossed by pedestrians

Though there were a couple of murals on the walls of the pedestrian streets, I found many of the streets to modern and monotone. Only the old-town area around the bridge is really beautiful.
A lot of tourists in a small area

The city is on the shores of a lake, surrounded by high mountains, rich in reminders of its historic past, and with countless outdoor activities in the surrounding nature. In winter you can ski, in summer you can boat and fish, and there are many museums to choose from, as well as shops selling outrageously expensive watches and jewelry. It’s the beauty of Switzerland, encapsulated in a single place.

It turned out to be a great decision to climb up to the top of the three towers which are open to tourists; walking the old castle walls is an excellent way to understand Lucerne. One side of the old city was protected by the lake and mountains, another side was ‘just’ protected by precipitous mountains, and the third side was guarded by the walls.

Looking away from the cit, we were amazed to see that just a few meters from the heart of the old town, there was a field in which cattle were grazing. This is totally normal in Switzerland. (2017)



There are two central parking garages at the train station and the Hotel Palace. 2 hours parking 5 CHF. Be sure about the conditions when parking on the street.

Lucerne - traffic - Krista photo

Lucerne - excursion boat - Krista photo


A three-course meal for 2 people in a mid-range restaurant: 115 USD - (62 USD in Paris)

In most restaurants, a service fee is included in the check, i.e., don’t tip.

Lucerne - spectacular breads - Krista photo


The rule of thumb is not to shop in the shops close to the main tourist spots. In non-busy side streets, you can get the same thing for much cheaper.

Lucerne - skateboarding Swiss cow - Krista photo

Lucerne - trade-sign 2 - Krista photo

Public safety

The public safety of Lucerne is excellent. However, some pickpockets are watching for opportunities in places crowded with tourists.

Lucerne - police


1. There is free Wi-Fi for up to an hour in several public areas of Lucerne.

Lucerne - facade 3 -Krista photo

Lucerne - trade-sign - Krista photo

Lucerne - facade 2 - Krista photo

Lucerne - facade 1. Krista photo


Lucerne - Krista photo

Destination in brief

Lucerne is in the central part of Switzerland, in its German-speaking part. The German name of the city is: Luzern. 

Population (in 2020): 86,700

Average net monthly salary (in 2020): 5600 USD





Lucerne - shopping street - Krista photo

Tourist etiquette

1. Don’t infuriate the native Swiss residents with littering, spitting in the street, don’t go over the road at a red light. Locals are pedantic, rule-following population, and they don’t like the mess. They often show their disapproval with explicit facial expressions.



Lucerne - Old Town - Krista photo

Lucerne - Lion Monument - Krista photo

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