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The only place I felt at home in Casablanca was in Rick’s Café. It’s a great place, and really sets the standard. I’d definitely recommend stopping by for at least one good coffee if you’re in the city, and the food is delicious too!

We stayed in the ‘Majestic Hotel’ and it’s…. Well, let’s just say there’s nothing particularly majestic about it. It has one solitary star, so of course it wasn’t expensive. Not at all like it looked on

As for the medina – I guess I’ve seen dirtier places in my life, but it would have to be in the top three! I mean, good gracious! It’s a bit like one of those old Chinese markets from the eighties, but about ten times grungier. That sort of thing doesn’t bother me as much as some people, and I was happy to eat the local fried fish and drink sugarcane juice, but if you’re not used to places like that, it might shock you. We encountered practically no other white tourists. (B. V. 2017)



Traffic can be very bad at certain times of the day so often a 10-minute drive can mean 40 minutes in the car at certain times.

Casablanca city bus

Casablanca -contrast


We don't advise choosing a downtown hotel because of the noise problem. Few hotels can adequately isolate the rooms from the traffic noise.


Carry cash at all times; very few places like to accept credit cards. American Express is pretty much only taken at luxury hotels and Starbucks.

Public safety

Although everyone will tell you the water is fine to drink from the tap, weI would recommend doing it sparingly.

Morocco - Casablanca - police


Casablanca - Hassan II Mosque - forefront - s.i. photo

Destination in brief

Casablanca is Morocco's largest and most important city, which is south of Rabat (the capital), right on the Atlantic coast.

Locals call their city: Casa.
Casablanca, in Spanish, means,,white house" suggesting that Casablanca is full of white houses.

Population (in 2020): 3.7 million

Average net monthly salary (in 2020): 440 USD 

Casablanca is the financial and economic center of Morocco. 80% of the industrial companies are here, and 60% of the Moroccan maritime transport is connected to the city. Nowadays, huge investments, capital is pouring into Casablanca, and many big hotels are built. Most of the visitors are not tourists, but businessmen.

Many tourists skip Casablanca from their Moroccan program, with the prejudice that it is an unpleasant big city, with poor public safety and not having many tourist attractions. This prejudice is not totally fair, but Casablanca is indeed by no means as pleasant and cozy as Marrakesh.

Before visiting the city, still, at home, it’s worth watching the iconic movie, Casablanca (from 1942), but aware that all scenes were shot in California.



Casablanca - happy guys in the market - m.z. photo

Morocco - Casablanca - little kid - s.i. photo

Casablanca - youngsters enjoy a rough beach - s.i. photo

Casablanca - man in the Central market - t.r. photo


Hassan II Mosque

Casablanca - Hassan II Mosque - j.k. photo

Casablanca - Hassan II Mosque - door size - a.a. photo

Casablanca - Hassan II Mosque - K. Elter's photo

Casablanca - Hassan II Mosque - a.n. photo

Casablanca - In pursuit of prayer - s.i. photo

Old Town

Casablanca - entry gate to Medina (Old Town) - p.r. photo

Casablanca - Medina (Old Town) - h.a. photo

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