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Bucharest - locally typical late 19th century architecture - on the right: The Romanian Athenaeum, a concert hall - j.k. photo

“I used to have a completely different idea of this city. I confess before I first visited Bucharest, I pictured it more negatively. I was there for the first time, and I can honestly say I liked it, because I saw a nicely developing, clean and safe city with huge parks, well-maintained, beautiful old buildings, modern neighborhoods, and lively nightlife.
You can communicate with almost everyone in English.


“The old town consists entirely of pedestrian streets; of course, there are many restaurants and pubs. I am sorry to note that imitation Irish pubs optimized for the English audience and sports pubs broadcasting English football matches are also spreading here, but the situation is not yet dire. We were pleased to see that tourists and locals visit downtown restaurants in good numbers. A typical tourist attraction is the Stavropoleos monastery, which is hidden down a side street, and you can also enter its small courtyard.
We walked south from the old town to the huge fountain complex in Unirii Park. Unfortunately, the fountain was not in operation since winter, although it must be awe-inspiring when it is working. The central pool is surrounded on both sides by the broad boulevard of Piata Unirii, which also has a fountain. It corresponds to the scale of the parliament building at the end of the avenue.” (2020)



Uber exists in Bucharest. The rate is 1.30 lei/km (or about 0.30 USD/km), cheaper than a taxi.

Bucharest - bus - Ata photo

Bucharest - traffic jam - j.k. photo



Bucharest - soup is a must - j.k. photo

Bucharest - meatloaf with mushrooms - j.k. photo

Bucharest - Old Town - restaurants&cafes

Bucharest - restaurant terraces - b.d. photo



Bucharest - Strada Lipscani - main shopping street

Bucharest - market - Ata photo


Many clubs and bars are opened till 4–5 in the morning.

Bucharest - nightlife around Strada Smârdan - j.k. photo

Public safety

Tourists are not exposed to brutal criminal acts, only to petty theft or pick-pocketers.


,, In Bucharest, Romania, I was having a beer at a bar. I connected with 3 Romanian guys, and we sat and drank together most of the night. One of them spoke English and served as the interpreter. So, the next part is fuzzy, of course, but I can vaguely remember riding through the streets of Bucharest with these three guys in the backseat of a little rough car. They dumped me in the middle of a gypsy camp, a Roma camp!!!!!! Can you believe it, they drove away, and I am standing alone and abandoned in the middle of a gypsy camp in the wee hours of the morning. I am sure those three guys were laughing hard!! It gets better … as I made my way through the alleys with tents and shacks, I engaged in conversation with an older man and woman. No common language, but I understood they wanted me to follow them. I did! Ha! They led me to a place with a nice sitting area. So, I sat as instructed, and then the two of them brought in a very young girl dressed only in a sheer gown. Oh no! These gypsies were pimping their 10-year old daughter to me!! I jumped up, handed some bills to the man, and dashed out! I ended up on some street with lots of gravel dust and headlights in my eyes. I am stumbling along the dusty road, unable to see with the lights! The next memory is in my hotel room. I don't remember how I got there. To this day, I think the Romanian slipped something in my drink. (Y.T.)"

Bucharest - Canine unit of the police (politia canina) - d.a. photo

Bucharest - police - l.r. photo



Bucharest - Stray dog - Tom S. photo


Bucharest - The Palace of the Parliament - g.v. photo

Destination in brief

Population (in 2020): 1.8 million

Average net monthly salary (in 2020): 840 USD - (Romania's average: 660 USD)



Bucharest - National Museum of Romanian History - Statue of Trajan and the She-wolf - Ata photo

Bucharest - The Memorial of Rebirth (Memorialul Renaşterii in Romanian) which commemorates the Romanian Revolution of 1989, behind it the former headquarter of the Communist party - j.k. photo



Bucharest - local men playing backgammon in a square - j.k. photo


Old Town (Centru Vechi)


Bucharest - The Patriarchal Cathedral “St. Constantine and Helen (Romanian Orthodox Church) - s.g. photo

Bucharest - Biserica Sfantul Anton - considered the oldest church (16th century) in the city - j.k. photo

Bucharest - Stavropoleos Monastery Church - j.k. photo


Bucharest - The National Museum of Contemporary Art (Muzeul Național de Artă Contemporană al României) - k-t-. g. photo

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