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Azerbaijan - Baku - Old Town and the Flame Towers - a trio of skyscrapers - Krista photo




Azerbaijan - Baku - traffic with Western luxury cars and Soviet-made ones - Krista photo

Azerbaijan - Baku - k-t.g. photo

Azerbaijan - Baku - spotless metro stations - Krista photo



Azerbaijan - hearty breakfast

Azerbaijan - kutab - a herb-filled wheat flatbread-pancake - sometimes even with camel meat - k-t- g. photo

Baku - pastry shop - Krista photo

Baku - a palace for KFC - Krista photo



Azerbaijan - Baku - antiquities - Krista photo

Azerbaijan - Baku - Lenin&Stalin souvenirs - c.p. photo


Azerbaijan - national flag

Azerbaijan - Baku - together - Krista photo

Destination in brief

Azerbaijan in brief

Azerbaijan is a country located at the south-eastern end of Europe, in the Southern Caucasus area. It practically straddles the border between Europe and Asia

Neighbors: European countries such as Armenia (west), Georgia (north-west), Russia (north) and Asian countries such as Iran (south) and Turkey (south-west). 

Size: 86,600km2 (53,800mi2) – Population: close to 11 million (2020) – Capital city: Baku 

97% of the population is Muslim, but religious life is far less active than in Arabic countries or in neighboring Iran

Official language: Azeri (or Azerbaijani), which is very similar to Turkish. Azeris use the Latin-script alphabet for writing.

Many Azeris speak Russian as Azerbaijan was part of the Soviet Union until 1990. 

Owing to its vast oil wealth, Azerbaijan is a rapidly developing country.

Average monthly net salary: about 220 USD (2020)

Official currency: manat (AZN)

Most frequent surname: Mammadova 

Public safety is reassuring for tourists. Female tourists traveling without a male companion may sometimes experience some minor annoyances. No significant health hazards. 

Main tourist sights: Old Town of Baku and Gobustan (rock petroglyphs and mud volcanoes)

The tourist infrastructure is well developed in hypermodern Baku, but not so much in the countryside.

Azerbaijan is similar to Turkey insofar as the Muslim religion is not really visible in everyday life. People are dressed and behave like it is usual in Europe (especially in Baku). Young people follow Western and Russian fashion trends. Those tourists who expect to see exotic street scenes will be disappointed. I felt that Azerbaijan somehow lacks a characteristic identity. The vestiges of the Soviet past are there (for ex. ugly housing estates), as well as a Dubai-like super modern world in Baku. I would recommend a visit rather for experienced individual travelers who are used to handling inconveniences (in the countryside). Otherwise, group travel may minimize the problems of imperfect tourist infrastructure and communication difficulties.” (j.k, 2018)




Baku - magic carpet for Lenin and Stalin - Krista photo



Azerbaijan - Baku - ultra-modern Heydar Aliyev Center - k-t.g. photo

Azerbaijan - Baku - street scene - Krista photo

Azerbaijan - Baku - behind the shine - Krista photo



Azerbaijan - local man - k-t.g. photo

Azebaijan - Baku - toddler - k-t.g. photo

Azerbaijan - Azeri youth - Krista photo

Baku - newly-wed - Krista photo


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