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Addis Abeba - Panorama view from the Entoto Natural Park - v.g. photo





Addis Abeba - a mini bus taxi (white and blue) - k.a. photo

Addis Abeba - Light Rail - v.g. photo



Addis Abeba - a commercial center - k.a. photo



Addis Abeba - religious festival - v.g. photo


Addis Abeba - Bole Road, one of the principal roads - k.a. photo

Addis Abeba - The symbol of the monarchy - the Ethiopian lion - in front of the building of the National Theater- k.a. photo

Destination in brief

Population (in 2021): about 5 million



Addis Abeba - the statue of Haile Selassie, Emperor from 1930 to 1974- k.a. photo

Addis Abeba - Emperor Haile Selassie's Tomb in Holy Trinity Cathedral - K. Elter's photo

Addis Abeba - Africa Hall - The Organization of African Unity has been established here. Later became the African Union. Various exhibitions are taking place here now. - k.a. photo



Addis Abeba - Ultramodern building in a miserable environment - k.a. photo

Addis Abeba - New office building on Sudan Street, next to the remains of shacks- k.a. photo

Addis Abeba - fashion - k.a. photo

Addis Abeba - modest neighborhood with satellite dishes - k.a. photo



Addis Abeba - suburban guys - k.a. photo



Addis Abeba - St. Stephen's Church (Orthodox Christian) k.a. photo

Addis Abeba - Holy Trinity Cathedral is the official seat of the Orthodox Archdiocese - k.a. photo


Museum of the Victims of the Red Terror.

On April 17, 1977, the Marxist military dictator Mengistu went to the main square of Addis Ababa. There, he called on the people to fight the "enemies of the revolution" and smashed six bottles of red liquid on the ground. Those bottles symbolized "imperialism", "feudalism," and "bureaucratic capitalism", stating: “So the blood of the enemies of the revolution will be shed!

Let's answer the White Terror with Red Terror! " Members of the Ethiopian People's Revolutionary Party were executed right on the streets of the capital. People suspected of anti-government activities were arrested and killed without trial or investigation. Some of the bodies were taken to mass graves, or sometimes they were thrown out into the street, where relatives and friends picked them up.

The terror regime killed a lot of intellectuals and students. To get the children's bodies, the parents had to pay for the cost of the bullets with which their children were killed. According to various sources, from 100 to 500 thousand people died (the latest data - "Amnesty International")

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