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Taiwan in brief
Taiwan (or, as it is called in Taiwan, the Republic of China), an archipelago is in East Asia (or the Far East), is an entity whose political status is heavily disputed. The (communist, mainland) People’s Republic of China regards Taiwan as part of its territory. Most countries in the world do not officially recognize Taiwan as an independent state, but nevertheless maintain active commercial relations with it.
Taiwan borders the Pacific Ocean to the east, the East China Sea to the north, and the South China Sea to the southeast.
The island of Taiwan lies about 161 kilometers (100 miles) east of mainland China.
Size: 36,193 km² (13,974 mi²) - Taiwan is located in the Ring of Fire, which makes the tiny island one of the most earthquake-prone places in the world. Taiwan experiences over 1,000 perceivable earthquakes a year - It takes about 8 hours to drive around the entire island of Taiwan.
Capital city: Taipei – pop. approx. 7.7 million (2020) - There are several popular eateries in Taipei that serve meals and ice cream in mini toilet bowls.
Population: A large majority of the population lives in urban areas, mostly on the western coast of the main island.
The population is divided into 3 main groups: Malayo-Polynesian aborigines, who are the island's original inhabitants (only 2% of the population); those now called Taiwanese, who are descendants of the original immigrants from the mainland Chinese provinces of Fujian and Guangdong (83% of the population); and the descendants of more recent immigrants who were adherents to the former mainland Nationalist government (15% of the population).
Language: Mandarin Chinese – there is a local dialect besides standard Mandarin
Religion: Most Taiwanese practice a combination of Confucianism, Buddhism and Taoism. Those who consider themselves more progressive often practice Taoism because it fits better with the more materialistic way of life they lead. Buddhists, who are more conservative, often look down on those who are closer to Taoism.
Political system: republic, multi-party democracy
Currency: New Taiwan dollar (TWD)
Average net monthly salary: 1,600 USD (2020)
Most common surname: Chen
The Taiwanese consider it rude to say "no." They may say "eh, maybe” instead.
Safety: Taiwan is very safe for tourists. Hygienic conditions are excellent.
Best time to visit: March-May and September-November
Top tourist attractions:
Taipei (101 building, Shilin Night market, famous temples), Shifen Waterfall, Sun Moon Lake, Rainbow Village, Yushan National Park, the twin pagodas of Kaohsiung
In Taiwan, garbage trucks play music to prompt people to bring their garbage to the truck. The garbage trucks often play Beethoven's “Für Elise” to announce their arrival.



Taiwan - Jing Pu- Tropic of Cancer Monument - Elter photo



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