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“Budva was, to put it diplomatically, a disappointment. There has been so much ‘tourist development’ that it was impossible to find a parking space – which incidentally costs €1.5/hour. We didn't spend much time in the city and instead went to the local market, which was great. We also tasted the local drinks and ham and bought some to take home – haggling is a must!” (s.p., 2021)


“The uneasy contrast between the old and the modern is very noticeable in Budva, but the contrast is less jarring here. The small old town has quaint, narrow streets, and the big modern hotels go tolerably well together. On the other hand, they have gone a bit overboard with the souvenir shops – this is not like the display of local goods and handicrafts we saw in Stari Bar, but more of a Chinese flea market, which detracts somewhat from the authentic atmosphere of the old town. I was much more impressed by the city's beach than the old town, as you can walk along a picturesque coastal path. My absolute favorite is the next beach from the town, but it can only be reached by climbing over two abrasive gates.” (2019)


“Budva is quite a bustling place. It is one of the largest tourist centers in the country, and there are so many Russian tourists it’s practically under occupation. I didn't mind that much because it is well known that the Eastern Slavic beauty factory is world-famous. Here, almost every girl looked like Victoria's Secret model on a bikini shoot in Colombia.

Nor is the town’s nightlife a disappointment. Many restaurants, bars, and cafes surround you, and the old town is lovely: narrow streets, cute little sit-down restaurants, and palm trees.” (2021)




Budva - port - g.m. photo


Destination in brief

It is the most visited city in Montenegro by tourists.

Population (in 2021): near 11,000


Old Town

Budva - Old Town - g.m. photo


Budva - Jaz Beach - g.m. photo

Budva - Jaz Beach - g.m. photo

Budva - riviera - g.m. photo

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