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Bergamo - v. j. photo




The urban and regional transport is well developed; you can get anywhere by bus from Bergamo. In addition, Bergamo has its airport, Orio al Serio, around 15-20 minutes away by public transport.

Bergamo - Old Town - funicular - Ata photo



Bergamo - Old Town - cafe&cake shop - Ata photo


Opposite the airport is the Orio Center, one of the largest shopping malls in Italy.

Shopping and strolling streets are along Via 20. Settembre and Via Sant ‘Allesandro.

Public safety

There are some places known for drug dealing and a little “ghetto” which is actually just one street, but nothing really dangerous.

There are areas you better avoid going alone late in the evening, like the Bus station area and Piazzale degli Alpini. Also avoid Via Quarenghi and Malpensata.


Bergamo - Piazza Vecchia - Ata photo

Destination in brief

Population (in 2021): 900,500

Average net monthly salary (in 2021) 1476 Euro


The Celts founded the first settlement in these places; they were replaced -  as it was usual in the Apennines - by the Romans.

The medieval history of Bergamo saw its ups when the city became the capital of one of the Lombard duchies and downs in the era of wars between the Guelphs and the Ghibellines. Finally, Venice took control of the surrounding area, and under the wings of the Venetian lion, Bergamo flourished until the beginning of the 19th century. After that, the era of Napoleon and the subsequent occupation of Italy by the Austrians considerably slowed down the development of Lombardy. Nevertheless, Bergamo gradually expanded, and its quarters spilled out beyond the ancient walls.

The new area became known as Bergamo Basso in contrast to Bergamo Alte. The historical center is full of extraordinary buildings; the sights are found there at every turn. But the area of ​​later development also boasted interesting buildings that deserve the most flattering words.



Bergamo - Upper class villa - v. j. photo

Bergamo - upper class villa - v.j. photo



Bergamo - chit-chat - f.n. photo

Bergamo - Old Town - just married wife - Ata photo


Basilica of St. Mary Major (Santa Maria Maggiore)

Bergamo - church Santa Maria Maggiore - Ata photo

Bergamo - Basilica of St. Mary Major (Santa Maria Maggiore) - v. j. photo

Old Town

Bergamo - Old Town - Ata photo

Bergamo - Old Town - Piazza Vecchia from above - Ata photo

Bergamo - Piazza Vecchia - Palazzo della Ragione (City Hall) with the Torre del Commune (tower) - v. j. photo

Bergamo - Old Town - Lion sculpture at the entrance to the Basilica of Santa Maria Maggiore - Ata photo

Bergamo - Old Town - Ata photo

Bergamo - Old Town - Ata photo


Cappella Colleoni (a chapel)


Castello di San Vigilio

Rocca, a castle located on the hill of Colle Santa Eufemia


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