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Amman - hillside - l.v. photo

“Amman is just chaos. The urban layout of the city would even be worth a small study. It’s built up on all the surrounding hillsides, especially in the part of the city center where our accommodation was. There are as many mobile phone and clothing stores as there are stars in the sky. They are likely trying to sell phones stolen from Europe here. They don't care too much about hygiene or cleanliness. In a word, it’s all so dirty that even though it's beautiful and exciting, you also start to realize and appreciate how well we live back home

The next day: We were utterly amazed when freed from the urban ghetto; palace-sized houses rose from the Jordanian land, as well as luxury cars and streets befitting Miami. It was a pleasure to drive around that area. There is money here, just not where our accommodation is.” (2019)



“Traveling by car or on foot in Amman, with its population of three million, is a sport fit only for the brave: while motorists are constantly stuck in traffic jams or in dangerous (to us) traffic situations due to the lane-free roundabouts and constant overtaking, pedestrians can only pray to Allah that they will make it unharmed across a road, as there is not a light or zebra crossing (or a slowing down car) anywhere.” (2022)

Amman -taxis in front of Grand Husseini Mosque - k.-t. g. photo

Amman - traffic - v.j. photo

Amman - a greengrocery - k.-t.-g. photo

Jordan - Amman - freshly-squeezed juices - k.-t. g. photo





Amman - Keffiyeh (traditional Palestinian scarf) - k.-t. g. photo

Jordan - Amman - textilia - k.-t. g. photo

Amman - antiquities plus - incongruously - a card with Saddam Hussein on the top - k.-t. g. photo

Amman - robes - k.-t.- g. photo



Jordan - Amman - tastes differ - k.-t.- g. photo


Amman - K. Elter photo

Destination in brief

Population (in 2021): 1.27 million



Amman - hillside almost everywhere - v.j. photo



Amman - Ancient Roman ruins - Ata photo



Amman - high rises in the background - v.j. photo



Amman - shoe repairer - l.v. photo

Amman - sitting posture - l.v. photo



Amman - Old School Jordanian Sweets fresh from the owen - v.j. photo


King Abdullah Mosque


“Amman Citadel and theater. The problem is that if someone visits the Citadel after Jerash, they will be unsatisfied, because there are one or two more spectacular parts, but overall all that remains enough for taking a few nice pictures or selfies. There is an excellent view of the theater and Amman, but you won't set this as your desktop wallpaper after your trip to Jordan. Add it in more for a sense of completeness. The theater is really great, though here too, after Jerash (and/or Petra) we tend only to nod politely. Otherwise, it was beautiful and intact.” (2022)

Amman - Citadel - k.-t.- g. photo

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